D-T-M (Direct to Metal) Primer Surfacer VF6600 + VF6601 D-T-M (Direct to Metal ) Activator

$ 58.82

There are two products included in this project kit:


Vintage D-T-M (Direct to Metal) Primer/Surfacer 6600V is a 2.1 V.O.C. high build Direct to Metal Primer/Surfacer that is V.O.C. compliant in all 50 states and is isocyanate free.  It has excellent adhesion to cold rolled steel, aluminum, galvanized, galvaneal, body filler.  It has excellent corrosion resistance when applied to any bare metal, thereby eliminating the pretreatment primer step.  It also has excellent leveling features and sands easily.  It is medium gray in color and has superior chemical resistance, eliminating the need for primer/sealer in many applications.


And one Direct to Metal Activator 6601V.