Motor City Masters

Vintage Flatz were used on a television series which aired on TruTv in 2014.  The series, titled Motor City Masters, followed a group of 10 automotive designers as they competed against each other for the title of Motor City Master.  The automotive tech and build team was lead by Rich Evans a seasoned fabricator and automotive design veteran.  The contestants were also design professionals from many fields and areas of expertise.  Each week the contestants were broken up into two teams and challenged with designing a brand new Chevy concept car.  One team would win, the other would lose and one member of the group would be asked to leave the competition.  In the process each team fabricating a brand new automobile concept for every episode.  Vintage Flatz were on location as a paint option during the filming of the series and some of the designers chose our products to help create their conceptual vision!




Pictured above: Rich Evans (Lead Auto Tech) and his Automotive Build Team for Motor City Masters.



Pictured below: Vintage Flatz in the paint booths on the set of Motor City Masters.