Vintage Pro 2024 Calendar Contest

Vintage Pro 2024 Calendar Contest

Requirements for Entry

  1. At least 1 Vintage Pro product must be on the vehicle.

  2. All information below must be provided:

    1. Name of Vintage Pro/Vintage Flatz Product used on entry

    2. Name, make and Model of custom vehicle

    3. Owner's Name

    4. Painter's Name. (If the painter has a shop, please provide shop name as well)

    5. Print Quality Photos. 300 DPI is the standard for print quality.

  3. Optional: Social Media handles if applicable, for image tagging use

Email your photos and information to:


By submitting your photos, you agree to letting us use your photo in promotional materials. Photos will always be credited if information is provided via your entry. Submitting to this contest does not guarantee your photos will be selected.