ProBand Green Custom Refinish Masking Tape Sleeve

$ 29.64

Professional quality, smooth creped,
masking tape with natural rubber, heat
resistant adhesive for production application.
Excellent handling & cornering, clean paint
lines with no adhesive transfer
or residue.
Good resistance to humidity, solvent &
waterborne base coats. Ideal for variable
temperature applications.
Recommended for professional body work
and protective masking applications in
automotive, industrial, aviation & marine

    Tech Tips:

    1. Pull enough tape off the roll to work with, do not move your guide finger while unrolling. (This will keep the tape’s width consistent without over-stretching.)
    2. In tight turns, finesse it through the curves, let it flow by itself. (It will easily wrap around the edges and contours.)
    3. Be careful not to ”nick the edges” while laying out design. When cutting though, apply light force. (It is softer than other fineline tapes allowing for the perfect cut.)
    4. Always seal the edges. (This will prevent paint seepage, bleed through.)
    5. Apply the tape at ambient (68°- 78°F / 21°- 24°C) temperature. (Extreme cold will shrink it, extreme heat will expand it.)