Motor City Masters Season 1 Episode 2: New Model Transformers July 02 2014

(Aired 7/1/14)

Michael Bay's latest scifi installment Transformers: Age of Extinction is currently playing in North American theaters.  As film enthusiasts who love cars may already know, the film franchise has always featured new Chevrolet vehicles as the film's protagonists: the iconic Autobots.  So, it comes as no surprise that this week's challenge revolves around the designers creating automobiles that would reflect a Transformer concept car.  This week the teams were headed up by Camilo Pardo and Bryan Thompson who won the individual challenge, which consisted of each contestant creating a piece of metalic art that would best aesthetically represent them as an artist.  Camilo Pardo chose Kevin Chun aka Chunner, Doc Sab and Jameson Neumann to be on his team while Bryan Thompson chose Darby Barber, Troy Spackman, Shane Baxley and Joann Bortles.

Bryan's team decided to go with an underground mole/spy concept dubbing their Autobot "Boomerang" and Camilo's team decided to go with a small package with underlying big performance and named their character "Sonic Boom" for their vehicle conceptualization.  This week brought along a lot more tension than the series premiere between the contestants.  Watching the judges in the final portion of the episode you could really tell that they were having a hard time deciding between which design they thought fit the task set forth the best. Ultimately it was the overall cohesiveness of Camilo's team design that won this week's challenge.  Both vehicles utilized Vintage Flatz Flat Matte Black as a key design element: the accent work to really bring out some of the more important design lines in the vehicles once they were fabricated.